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Thanks for taking the time to visit our REI (Real Estate Investment) page. Our team has been developed to provide to guide buyers and sellers with the utmost service the real estate industry has to offer. Not every listing is realtor/broker related. Even though some may be, we strive to provide real estate deals not commonly available to the public. We simply offer buyers (first time or seasonal real estate investors) the opportunity to view properties at or below wholesale real estate prices. Let’s face it; everyone is on the hunt for a good deal. Now you can relax! Our field team has done the footwork for you in finding good price property deals. Spend your time where it counts and let us hit the pavement for you. We aim to have our descriptions as accurate as possible, as if we are the buyer/seller. However, we urge everyone to visit a property and see for yourself. Any information provided is strictly confidential. We do not sell and/or share your information. Get In Touch with Good Price Property in Tampa today.

Real Estate Investors

Are you a local or out of state real estate investor looking to expand your portfolio? On the search for investment properties to provide a return on invest (ROI)? Of course you are! That’s why you are a real estate investor. We keep emphasizing that time is valuable and we truly believe that. Our investment team members are in constant networking to find wholesale properties in the Tampa Bay area

What is a wholesale property? 
wholesale real estate investment property is simply a property that is sold by other investors. Our elite investors purchase properties regularly from sellers looking to move quickly for quick cash by selling you a fixer upper “as-is” property that can maximize return on investment by purchasing, repairing, and reselling or renting the property.

 They choose our team to market and find the buyers because our extensive buyers list helps saves time and money to maximize return on investment (ROI). See more on our investors page.

Buy A Home

You may ask,” How is this possible? How can the deals be so affordable?” Let me explain, we pride ourselves in networking with elite real estate investors (REI), that purchase properties at a discounted rate. Our Good Price Properties team canvases the Tampa Bay Area on a daily basis. What’s your benefit? The savings! All of our transactions, in most scenarios, are bought and sold “as-is” with title work and title insurance to provide a safe and ethical buying experience. All due diligence is carefully done to purchase a property on our part. However, we recommend all buyers to do their own due diligence as well. 
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Sell Your Home

Sellers, we didn’t forget about you. In fact, you’re the most important. We have networked with many investors and have created a quick buyers list to help you move quickly in selling your home. 

We understand life can be hard when you might be:
Struggling with monthly  payments?
Estate inheritance?
Costly property repair?
Overwhelmed with tenants?
Upside down with no equity?
Employment relocation/transfer?
Unpaid Taxes?
On the verge of foreclosure or bankruptcy?

All individual situations varies on an individual basis. If it isn’t listed, just contact us directly and one of our experienced Tampa Bay real estate investment sales team members can help you get on the way. Please be sure to leave the best contact information and a little bit about the property on our sell you home page.

The members at Good Price Property understands that this may be a stressful time for many and we understand time is precious. Don’t feel alone in this stage of planning, allow us to be of exceptional service

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